AQUMIX®. INC. works with educational institutions in an effort to heighten awareness of advances in container management and risk reduction

Virginia Tech Pesticide Program is a clearinghouse for information about pesticides. In addition, VTPP supports pesticide safety education programs offered by Virginia Cooperative Extension. Many of these programs are delivered to clients who use pesticides as part of their livelihood: however, some are designed for the public (ex. Home gardeners.)

The Pennsylvania Roadside Vegetation Management Research Project is a cooperative effort between The Pennsylvania State University and The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT). The Project was initiated in 1985 to assist PENNDOT in vegetation management efforts. The Project provides an objective source of information and is a resource to evaluate the effectiveness of materials, equipment, and procedures used in roadside applications. This site includes annual research reports in PDF format, that highlight our past efforts in areas such as brush control, total vegetation control, troublesome species management, utility turf management, and the establishment of wildflowers and native species. There are also extension publications in PDF format, and we hope to have a discussion forum functional in the near future.