AQUMIX®. INC. provides contract mixing services, container and material tracking through current distribution channels.


Since its founding in 1880 as North America's first tree care company, The Davey Tree Expert Company has held to a philosophy of service, integrity and excellence. An employee-owned company, Davey is committed to providing it customers with high-quality, dependable services and advanced technical expertise.



Nelson Tree Service is committed to providing innovative, competitive and effective line clearance and vegetation management services to the utility industry


Osmose is a leading provider of predictive and preventative maintenance services for T&D systems. Their vegetation management solutions help deliver improved reliability and lower maintenance costs while enhancing the right of way environment.


Southeast Woodland Services provides herbicide application and is an industry leader in the low volume application of herbicides for the utility right of way market.


Superior Forestry provides contract labor for forestry and industrial needs, including low volume backpack application and tree planting. We specialize in contract labor, so when you need man power call Superior Forestry Service, Inc.


Weed Control Inc is a full service herbicide application company specializing in utilities, municipalities, and industrial/commercial customers. They utilize comprehensive data strategies including GIS that help customers improve their operating efficiencies.

Contractor Benefits

A simple, low cost system.

• Accountability of product inventory.

• Simplifies record keeping.

• Reduces exposure when mixing and loading.

• Allows for timely inventory. No need to stockpile product. Put more of your budget toward controlling brush.

• Simplifies mixing and reduces errors.

• Eliminates disposal of drums.