AQUMIX®. INC. subcontracts contract-mixing services for distributor enduse customers. Also, Aqumix provides container and inventory tracking utilizing Aqutrac software solutions.

CWC Chemical, Inc. provides Vegetation Management Solutions.

Helena Chemical Company offers a variety of crop protection products, agricultural chemicals, seed, fertilizer and related products.

Red River Specialties distributes herbicides in the industrial, rights-of-way, range and pasture and forestry markets.

Crop Production Services - Timberland Division is a National organization focused on the Vegetation Management and Forestry Industries. The goal of the organization is to offer customers the following:

• A company focused on growing and expanding the vegetation management market and assisting customers in achieving their management goals
• Convenient custom blend and container management & tracking programs designed to increase efficiency and productivity
• Warehouse locations across the United States, to serve our customers anywhere their business takes them.
• Expanded products and services, at competitive prices strictly for the vegetation management industry.
• Experienced service personnel to answer technical, environmental, and product questions for all of the vegetation management markets.
• A highly experienced research and development staff to assist customers in their quest to be up to date on the latest product information and industry trends.

Distributor Benefits

Reduces inventory costs.

• Improves tracking of materials.

• Has the ability to provide customers with services that assist them in meeting future challenges.

• Increases their competitive edge.

• Improves worker safety.

• Eliminates liability of improper container disposal.