Q. What is AQUMIX®, INC.?

A. Aqumix is a service company that provides returnable/refillable container management and material-handling services to manufactures, distributors and endusers.

Q. What service does AQUMIX, INC. offer?

A. Aqumix provides turnkey packaging solutions in returnable/refillable containers
B. Aqumix also provides tracking and inventory management software via the Internet from our centralized data base which allows manufacturers to manage and track returnables for their internal packaging operations

Q. How cost effective are returnables vs. one-way containers?

A. Example: one-way 30 gallon container cost $17
Closed loop returnable 30-gallon container cost $60
The returnable should have a life expectancy of 5 years turning 5 times per
year. Over 5 years a returnable will equal 25 one-way 30-gallon containers

$17 one-way x 25 = $425
1 returnable with 25 turns = $60
SAVINGS $365.00

*Does not include return freight cost on returnable or disposal cost for
one-way 30 gallon container.

Q. How does closed loop returnables increase worker safety?

A. Aqumix closed loop containers utilize Micromatic® drum valves which allow workers to transfer material through a closed loop transfer system, thus reducing worker exposure to the materials.

Q. How does the closed loop container increase productivity?

A. The closed loop container requires less handling than a conventional one-way container. The container has no bungs and does not require triple rinsing. The Micromatic® valve is a quick disconnect which eliminates the installation of a spigot or diptube. Employees can focus on work activities that produce revenue, not non-productive time handling containers.

Q. I am already filling returnables in-house. How can Aqumix help?

A. If you do not have container-tracking software, Aqumix can provide a inventory and container tracking solution through our Aqutrac e-business Internet software.

Q. How does the Aqutrac software work?

A. The Aqutrac software solution is an e-business application that incorporates order entry, inventory management, as well as asset tracking and reporting. All products, assemblies, inventories, assets, customers, shipping locations, and orders are stored in our private and secure database. When received, bulk products are placed in inventory and associated with a specific plant and bin location. Orders placed in the system are assembled, and the components removed from inventory.
The Aqutrac software maintains current and historical information about all
returnable assets that are handled. Aqumix, Inc. labels all returnable containers
and other assets with bar codes. All transactions that affect an asset (Fill, Ship,
Receive, Clean, Etc.) are recorded. Aqumix is able to run complete historical
reports of all asset movements and operations from cradle to grave.
Aqumix provides our customers and suppliers with the hardware and software
required to track their own assets. A web browser and Internet access is all that is
required for a customer to generate reports on their account activity.

Q. If I am a manufacturer and I convert to returnable/refillable containers, how will this benefit my customers?

A. Benefits to your customers are:
1. The ability to track your containers and products internally
2. Improved worker safety through reduction in exposure
3. Improved productivity
4. Elimination of container disposal
5. Participation in an environmentally sound program

Q. How do I evaluate if I am suitable for using returnable/refillable containers vs. one way containers?

A. If you are currently packaging in containers 15 gallons or larger, you are a candidate for conversions to returnable/refillable container use

Q. How can I get started utilizing the Aqumix solution for my returnable container program?

A. CALL US AT at 1-800-496-2649 OR E-MAIL US AT info@aqutrac.com TODAY!!