AQUMIX®. INC. provides turnkey packaging and logistic services for various products used in the non-crop agrochemical markets. Anticipated additional services will be access to Aqutrac software solutions when development is completed.

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. BASF aims to increase and sustain its corporate value through growth and innovation. The BASF Vegetation Management Group offers vegetation managers unique herbicide solutions and tools that provide superior vegetation control while also promoting enhanced biodiveristy and quality of habitat. Markets include utility brush, industrial bareground, roadside, railroad, airport, aquatic and forestry.

DOW AGROSCIENCES is a global company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets pest management, agricultural and biotechnology products. The major market segments we target with our crop protection and pest management products are row crop, fruits and vegetables, horticulture, turf, ornamentals, range and pasture, forestry, rights-of-way management and urban pest.




Manufacturer Benefits

• Reduces the cost from the use of bulk over one-way packaged goods.

• Improves inventory management.

• Has the ability to track inventory.

• Simplifies supply chain management.

• Improves worker safety.

• Eliminates liability of improper container disposal.