In 1993, returnable/refillable containers were not available in the non-crop speciality markets. In 1994, packaging agreements were developed with major manufacturers in the agrichemical business to offer products packaged in returnable/refillable containers. By 1996, over 200,000 gallons were packaged and shipped in returnables, eliminating the disposal of 82,000 one-way containers. By the year 2000, over 500,000 gallons were packaged in returnables, eliminating disposal of over 200,000 one-way containers. The 500,000 gallons were shipped to over 260 locations with a customer base of over 180 endusers nationwide.

Activities over the last six years has proven:

1. Returnable/refillables can be used in a cost effective manner
2. Closed loop systems can increase worker productivity and safety
3. Both products and containers can be tracked and managed efficiently through various existing supply chains.
4. Providing a process that is environmentally sound does not have to be more costly
5. Expansion of this process in to other markets is only limited to one’s willingness to understand and explore the possibilities.