1993 - AQUMIX®, INC. began as a pilot project to develop the potential use of returnable/refillable, closed loop containers in the non-crop pesticide speciality markets. The goal was to test the feasibility of implementing returnable containers to eliminate container disposal in the landfills.

1994 - AQUMIX, INC. operations commenced with two products which were the first offered in returnables in the non-crop markets.

1996 - AQUMIX, INC. developed the Aqupac® 15 gallon closed loop container system. The Aqupac was specifically designed for use as a returnable/refillable.

1998 - AQUMIX, INC. developed software under the trade name Aqutrac which allowed the container and products to be accurately tracked through the various supply chains and efficiently returned for refill and reuse.

1999 - AQUMIX, INC. pilot facility was expanded to a regional facility which will be the model for future expansion in the United States.
The facility currently handles twelve (12) products with a storage capacity of 120,000 gallons.

2000 - AQUMIX, INC. regional operations top one-half (1/2) million gallons

2001 - AQUMIX, INC. is expanding the AquTrac software to accommodate an e-business solution that will allow access to the AquTrac software by users in the agrichemical markets and also other liquid markets such as manufacturers and distributors of base chemicals.